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Quality Quarantee

Quality is an eternal theme of enterprises, Hotshine Lighting has always pursued "safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, science and technology" and always adhere to create the greatest economic returns for customers. The company has ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, and the introduction of comprehensive "6S" scene mode of production and management.

"Hotshine" LED products won the "China Brand Name ", "Chinese consumers trust brand", "China's famous trademarks" and so on. Heshan City Puyuan Electronic Lighting Co., Ltd. also won the "quality and credibility of AAA Enterprises," and so on.

In Hotshine, we adopted total quality management, implemented each of the standardized operating procedures and strict examination so as for the commitment to excellence of product quality. Hotshine people pay attention to technological innovation and product development, strict to the "technological innovation" path of development, the LED lighting industry of advanced technologies and concepts to actual products. To provide the best quality to customers, we are committed to product development research in order to produce excellent quality products to achieve customer satisfaction.

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